Welcome to CAM-CAP.

We are an online retail website which offers our customers a new revolutionary way to video their life’s experiences.

The CAM-CAP is fantastic for many sports and past times, today with the advent of online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you can now share your world and save those memories forever.

Recording with the CAM-CAP: The camera cap with it’s high tech but easy to use camera comes with built in WiFi, so you can take stills and video, edit via an app and upload within minutes to the web.

There’s now no need to hold your phone whilst shooting your video’s, the CAM-CAP is far simpler and of better quality, and you can do all this hands free.

Bullet point benefits of using the CAM-CAP
#1. It’s hands free, no risk of dropping your expensive phone!
#2. Excellent video quality
#3. No risk of having your phone stolen or robbed
#4. Up to 170 degree field of vision
#5. It sees what you see and records it
#6. It’s cost effective (cheaper than most mobile phones)
#7. It’s a trend setter (new to the market)
#8. Easy to use, easy to set up (20 seconds)
#9. Comes with many other attachments
#10. CAM-CAP can be taken into water (30 mtrs depth)