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CAM-CAP is lightweight and versatile allowing you to capture life’s best moments easily.

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Varient colours

CAM-CAP’s in different colours

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HD Camera included

CAM-CAP comes with 2 choices of camera, basic and pro



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About cam-cap

Established in 2014, Located in Swindon, England.
CAM-CAP - Show the world your life through your eyes

If you have a hobby or a pastime, you can now share your interest with others.

This cap with it's ultra HD sports camera is ideal, the CAM-CAP is fantastic for many sports and pastimes, the CAM-CAP is a memory saving device, today with the advent of online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you can now share your world and save those memories forever.

Recording with the CAM-CAP: The camera cap with it's high tech but easy to use camera comes with built in WiFi, so you can take stills and video, and within a few clicks you can edit, upload and share with your online following!

There's now no need to hold your phone whilst shooting your video's! The CAM-CAP is far simpler and of better quality, and you can do all this hands free.

  • Record hands free with ease

  • Choices of Basic & Pro HD Camera's

  • There has never been a simpler way to capture hands free footage

  • We have a unique range of coloured caps!

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