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Live Life-Capture The Moment, Make Memories!

We have all said these words "I wish I had my camera" Life happens, hands get full or busy. The moment flashes by consigned to our memory banks which fade or fail. Now with Cam-Cap you have a truly hands free tool to capture your precious moments for all to see. 

A Cap to do Life with

Fishing-Never be accused of telling tall tales, you caught the monster fish and you have the proof. Live Life-babies first steps, long romantic walks, acing the half-pipe, hiking the coast, safari, the list is endless. With Cam-Cap as your companion you live life while Cam-Cap captures it. 

The let's do Life Kit includes

Cam-Cap accessories.

  • The Camera-micro SD card not included.
  • Waterproof housing -waterproof to 30 metres.
  • The Remote-truly hands-free.
  • The Cap- In 3 great colours. Red/Black, Red and Black.


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