July 8, 2017

Pride in our product!

[Some of the stock]            [Tools of my trade]             [Punching out]               [Checking Process]      [Further examination]     [The finishing touch]

‘Hi, my name is Andy, 

I make up the CAM-CAP’s, so when you receive your CAM-CAP, it will have been made by me, I have taken every care to ensure that your CAM-CAP is 100% correct and of the highest quality, you can rest assure that nothing goes out the door UNLESS it is 100% perfect, attention to detail is what I’ve built my reputation on! I have been making CAM-CAP’s since 2014′


We take great care about our product, so that it reaches you in perfect condition, a well made CAM-CAP is robust and sturdy, so you can enjoy hands free video recording for many years to come.

We truly believe this is a major breakthrough in video recording, with the advent of 4K Ultra HD sports cameras (which are extremely light and reliable) the quality of these cameras is outstanding, which makes the CAM-CAP the right choice for those who want to video their interests, and share them with their friends and the rest of the world.